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How does it work?

JurisGrowth helps your firm grow by delivering a constant pipeline of new clients and cases to you. Every day, we receive records of arrests and traffic violations in your area. We set up custom filters to ensure that we are marketing your services to the clients that best fit your practice and specialty. We immediately send your personalized letters and Facebook ads to these individuals -- as soon as the same day they are arrested or ticketed. These high-quality prospects will call your office, bringing you a continual flow of new cases!

When will I start seeing results?

Our service works by building up a pipeline of new leads and cases. You can expect to receive inquiries from new clients shortly after launching your marketing campaign. Your pipeline of new clients will be more robust after 6-8 weeks of service.

How do you track results?

We track results differently for each of our marketing solutions. Learn more below:

  • Direct Mail - We record the total number of direct mail letters sent on your behalf. We monitor results by tracking the number of prospects who call your 800 number.
  • Direct Facebook Marketing - We track the number of views and clicks on Facebook and Instagram ads. We also provide the number of prospects who visit your landing page, fill out an online submission form and call your 800 number.


How much does it cost?

We offer a number of packages to fit the needs of your practice. Pricing varies by type of marketing campaigns you run, number of prospects you want to reach, and the state where you practice. Call us at 1-833-452-9237 or click Get Started and request a custom proposal.

Do you require long-term contracts?

We do not require a contract. You can cancel the service at any time.

Do you have cancellation fees?

No. If you are not fully satisfied, you can cancel at any time.


Where does the data come from?

Our data comes from court records and state public access programs.

Is the data reliable?

Yes, we work hard to ensure that our data is reliable. Each mail address goes through rigorous address verification software to make sure we are sending to current addresses.


Am I allowed to market to clients in this way?

Yes, attorneys can engage in this type of effective direct marketing as long as all communication follows ABA guidelines and the rules of your state bar association. Find out more by visiting our Ethics page.

How do you meet my state's ethics requirements?

We work with top ethics attorneys to ensure that we meet all ethical requirements in states where we offer services. Before getting started with us, we can provide you with a letter of opinion from an ethics attorney in your state.

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