Do you want to manage your own marketing campaign? We will deliver fresh new leads to you every day!

How It Works

Build Your Practice

By marketing your legal services directly to people who need an attorney, JurisGrowth drives you calls, clients, and revenue.

JurisGrowth is a cost-effective way to build your pipeline of new cases... automatically and without requiring any of your time!

Custom Data File Benefits

Pipeline of New Leads

Turnkey access to a constant flow of new leads. You will receive data on your specified schedule, creating a pipeline of new cases for your practice.

Custom Audience

Pay for only the clients and cases you want to represent. You can customize your leads by both geography and offense type.

Manage Your Own Campaign

You will receive all the data you need to run your own direct marketing campaign. Your marketing team will be responsible for printing and mailing letters or placing social media ads.

Discounted With Other Services

Already running a marketing campaign with us? Custom data files are discounted when bundled with other services.

Sample Data

You will receive an easy-to-read file with violation data. While the specific information available may vary by state, you can expect to receive the defendant’s name, postal address, violation, violation date and court date.

Grow Your Legal Practice

Simply let us know the offenses and geographic region you would like to target and we will begin sending your custom data files.