Connect with your ideal clients anytime and anywhere on a platform they know and trust.

How It Works

Build Your Practice

By marketing your legal services directly to people who need an attorney, JurisGrowth drives you calls, clients, and revenue.

JurisGrowth is a cost-effective way to build your pipeline of new cases... automatically and without requiring any of your time!

Direct Facebook Marketing Benefits

Connect Anytime & Anywhere

Prospects can view your ads any time they log into Facebook or Instagram, whether it is first thing in the morning or during their lunch break. You will be able to reach prospects on any device they use to access social media, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Perfect Timing

Facebook and Instagram ads are placed the same day we receive violation records, allowing you to connect with prospective clients faster than your competitors.

Multiple Ad Views

Every time a prospect logs onto Facebook or Instagram, they will have the opportunity to view your ad. They are continually reminded of their immediate need for your services.

Detailed Analytics & Split Testing Capabilities

You will always know the performance of your direct Facebook campaign by tracking the number of ads that are clicked, prospects visiting your landing page, and online forms submitted. Using split testing, your ads will be optimized for the highest response rates.

Integration with Direct Mail Campaigns

Prospects will view your Facebook and Instagram ads before and after receiving your direct mail letters. This provides them with increased familiarity with your firm's name and services.


Ads will only appear in your prospect's feed. Their legal needs are kept private and will not appear on the accounts of the prospect's friends and family.

Sample Ads & Landing Page

Sample DUI Ad

Sample Traffic Offense Ad

Sample Criminal Offense Ad

Ads are designed to engage with your target clients on social media and are customized for their specific offense.

Sample DUI Landing Page

Sample Traffic Offense Landing Page

Sample Criminal Offense Landing Page

After clicking your Facebook or Instagram ad, prospects are brought to a customized landing page or your existing website where they can contact you immediately.

Grow Your Legal Practice

Our team will create a strong ad campaign that consistently drives you new clients.