Join thousands of attorneys nationwide who use direct mail marketing to target their ideal clients.

How It Works

Build Your Practice

By marketing your legal services directly to people who need an attorney, JurisGrowth drives you calls, clients, and revenue.

JurisGrowth is a cost-effective way to build your pipeline of new cases... automatically and without requiring any of your time!

Direct Mail Benefits

Custom Audience

Choose only the cases and clients you want to represent. Using filters, such as location and offense type, we will connect you with the clients that best fit your practice.

Fast & Efficient Mailing

We mail your letters within 24 hours of receiving court data. Because we partner with expert printers in your local area, your letters will be delivered fast, generally within 1 to 3 business days.

Reliable Data

All addresses are put through rigorous address verification software to ensure your mail is deliverable and only sent to current addresses.

Superior Quality

Our printers use high quality bond paper and offer a variety of color and weight options, so your letters and envelops will always be of superior quality and will properly reflect your firm's professionalism.

Sample Letters

Sample DUI Letter

Sample Traffic Offense Letter

Sample Criminal Offense Letter

Every prospect receives a personalized letter, addressed to them and customized for their specific offense.

Grow Your Legal Practice

Let our team build a powerful marketing campaign that will create a constant flow of new cases and clients.